Two Models For Superior Combustion Control For Furnace Temperatures Up To 2100°F and Over 2100°F

The Selas Refrak Screen burner is a sealed-in refractory burner with great flame retention and combustion characteristics. The RSA’s large perforated refractory screen distributes the air/gas fuel mixture uniformly within the tunnel and assures complete combustion over an extremely wide throttling range. The Refrak Screen Burner has many advantages such as a wide operating range, low operating pressure, complete combustion, easy installation, easy replacement, low velocity and short flame.

Selas offers two kinds of Refrak Screen burners. Burners for furnace temperatures up to 2100°F are available in eight standard sizes for capacities up to 4,000,000 Btu/hr and for wall thicknesses from 6 3⁄4″ to 12 1⁄2″. Burners for furnace temperatures above 2100°F are available in 11 sizes fabricated to specific wall thickness.

S123 Refrak Screen Burners are recommended where furnace temperatures exceed 2100°F. Employing the same refractory port system as the RSA series, S123 burners maintain the same operating characteristics. Because of the higher temperatures encountered, however, it is not practical to offer the piloting and safety accessories available with RSA equipment.

S123 Burners are produced in a wide range of sizes and are fabricated to specific wall thickness. Easy to install and maintain, they provide an economical answer to high temperature requirements. Maximum operating temperature remains a function of furnace design, operating cycle, and turndown requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • A wide operating range reduces the number of burners required and simplifies manifolding and control.
  • Easy installation into furnace masonry.
  • Superior flame retention allows high operating pressures without blow off.
  • Easy replacement without disturbing the burner block or furnace lining.
  • Low operating pressure with no flashback.
  • Wide range of sizes 8 standard burner sizes for capacities of up to 4,000,000 BTU/hr (1,000,000 Kcal/hr), and for wall thicknesses of 6 3/4 to 121/2.
  • Complete combustion at the burner to ensure uniform furnace atmosphere and tight furnace construction.
  • Low turbulence Burner noise reduced by long port design and refractory screen.
  • Refractory Construction. All parts subjected to heat are made of pre-fired refractory material for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Short flames minimize long flame “tails” and localized hot spots

Operating Principles

Burner Selection
After selecting the proper size S123 Refrak Screen Burners from the S123 Specifications Download, the following information should be supplied with each order, to assure receipt of the correct items:

  1. Burner catalog number.
  2. The furnace wall thickness including casing.
  3. Whether mandrel specifications are required.

Installation of S123 Refrak Screen Burners is relatively simple. A burner mandrel is inserted through the furnace “shell” and located on burner mounting studs. A well tile and burner block are placed over the mandrel and cemented into the furnace brickwork. When the parts are securely set, the mandrel is withdrawn.

The burner assembly is then inserted with a ring of wet fire-clay around the outer end of the tunnel for a seal with the burner block. Finally, the burner is tightened in place on the studs.