The Model K Series is available in a 7-inch size with either cast iron or special alloy components and employs an air-gas mixture impinging directly on the finned refractory surface to produce a high-density flux of maximum radiance. The flame itself is not the source of infrared radiation. Its function is to heat the refractory to temperatures of 1650° to 2000°F. The refractory then emits infrared energy in the micron range most efficient for the product heating process.


  • 8,000 Btu/in. at 6 1/2″ w.c. mixture pressure
  • Develops Radiant Temperatures to 2000° F with Turndown Ratio of 4 to 1


  • Modular burner sections with KN-Standard size of 7″ in length
  • Durable Construction with cast iron components (CI-KN)
  • High Temperature versions also (KN-SS-SC)

Features and Benefits

  • Finned cordierite ceramic refractory emitters
  • 30% IR, 70% convective energy output
  • Stainless steel spacer to deliver combustion mixture
  • Machined, grey iron sand cast body
  • High temperature, corrosion resistant alloy side plates lifetimes
  • Machined, grey iron sand cast body continuously operating ovens
  • Modular burner sections with carbon steel unions
  • Replaceable emitter with secure attachments
  • Radiant heat is distributed uniformly
  • High velocity radiant heat diffuses surface boundary layers
  • No ported holes to clog, fewer dark spots
  • Longer wear resistance than cast iron baffle
  • Less warping, longer burner lifetimes
  • Structural integrity in continuously operating ovens
  • Easy and quick replacement of burner sections
  • Designed to reduce maintenance costs