Redi-Pak is a compact multi-function system for premixing air and gas, with integral blower and flame control of industrial premix burners.

Redi-Pak has a self-contained blower and mixer with heat modulation and flame control to light and monitor premix burners. It was developed as a safe, easy to set up and use system for complete pre-mix combustion monitoring. This uniquely designed product was granted US Patent #8,105,077.

The Redi-Pak operating and control system is an easy and cost-effective way to add premix infrared gas heat to a process. It is available in two sizes, 150,000 btu/hr and 400,000 btu/hr and can fire single burners or dual burners. Remote control is available on single burner models.

Features and Benefits

  • All components of premix delivery system in one compact unit
  • NFPA 86 code compliant, E stop for safety
  • Full linear modulation control
  • Constant flame supervision with LED indicators
  • Ignition and programmed automatic relighting
  • Remote operation/automation
  • Internal air filter with easy access door
  • Mounting brackets for top, back or side mounting
  • Cost effective vs individual components
  • Passes safety audits
  • Addresses process temperature requirements
  • Provides real time indication of performance
  • Ensures that burners remain lit
  • Process temperature control capabilities
  • Process temperature control capabilities
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of installation

Operating Principles


  • Operates a variety of burner types
  • Manual or remote start and modulation
  • Ignition & programmed automatic relighting
  • Constant flame supervision with LED indicator: If the flame signal is lost once the burner is running, the ignition control will immediately spark for up to 15 seconds to try to regain the flame signal. If the flame signal is not regained, the gas valve will shut which turns off the burner. The Redi-Pak continues to run the blower at the MAXIMUM setting. The Flame Failure LED indicator will illuminate, the Alarm Relay will energize, and the Redi-Pak will remain in LOCKOUT until power is cycled off and on.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Factory set for specific burner model and size
  • Pre-programmed solid-state controls
  • E-stop for safety
  • Capable to add additional interlocks with LED indicator: The User Interlock input is an optional input located on a terminal block within the control box.
  • U.S. Patent # 8,105,077

Cost Saving

  • Fraction of the cost of non-packaged components
  • Simple to install in new systems
  • Easy to add to existing systems


  • Internal air filter with easy access door: The air intake tube on the back of the Redi-Pak unit leads to the filter compartment. An air conduit can be attached here to bring in clean air from a remote area. Particulates will clog the filter over time and starve the combustion air to the burners which reduces their output. The filter should be cleaned or replaced when necessary.
  • Filter pressure drop monitoring with LED indication when change needed: The Clogged Filter pressure switch is factory installed on the Redi-Pak unit. The Air Filter LED indicator illuminates to signify that the Redi-Pak filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. This does not prevent the burner from starting or running, but is for maintenance purposes only. A clogged filter will reduce the pressure input to the burner and thereby reduce its maximum output.
  • Mounting bracket ready for top, back or side mounting.