Reliable Combustion Technology For The Glass Market

Selas has positioned itself to be a key supplier for combustion needs within the glass industry.

With the development of oxy-fired burners for the furnace and forehearth, Selas will lead the way to become the new global source for this technology. Oxygen and fuel safety and control systems will be designed and engineered for your specific local requirements and will be supported throughout the world.

SELAS provides a wide range of equipment and process systems to the glass industry, all engineered around the unique challenges of glass. We have experience with a variety of glass operations:

  • Regenerative burners and combustion system for Melter
  • Oxy Fuel burners and combustion system for Melter
  • Forehearth Premix combustion systems
  • Forehearth Oxy Gas burners and combustion system
  • Refiner and working end burners
  • Edge heating and canal combustion systems for float
  • Lehrs and ovens
  • Processing and polishing

Selas Burners And Controls For Primary Glass-Making Applications

  • Oxyfuel forehearth burner in ceramic block.
  • Oxyfuel flat flame burner in ceramic block.
  • Oxyfuel conical burner in ceramic block.
  • Combustion control system.
  • Regenerative burner.
  • Superflame Low NOx burner.

Selas Burners For Secondary Glass-Finishing Applications

  • Duradiant radiant cup burners come in many forms including KVA (shown here).
  • Superheat impingement burners release high heat to precise areas.
  • Multiport P-R Gas/Air burners – positive flame geometry, high heat release.
  • PRS Spear Flame gas burners – piloted spear-like flame and wide turn-down.
  • ERB Utility burners are designed for limited space applications.
  • Air heating package burner comes pre-piped and pre-wired.

Selas Safety Equipment For Glass Applications

  • Selas CAV Combustion Controllers precisely blend fuel gas and air.
  • Automatic fire checks include a shut-off valve to prevent flashback.
  • Selas blowouts direct flow release with a check valve.

Selas Heat Technology Company: A Thermal Processing Industry Leader

Recognized as a pioneer in the thermal processing industry, Selas has a combustion heritage that is over 120 years long. Selas began in 1896 manufacturing gas lamps and throughout the twentieth century grew into a heat processing leader. With this growth, Selas built up its team of talent to invent and engineer many proprietary burners and related technologies, including our press and fired ceramic burners. Throughout its history and with its acquired brands, Selas holds one of the richest collections of patents in the industry. This expertise extends to all phases of glass manufacturing from forehearth applications to secondary and finishing operations.

Selas looks forward to serving you as a reliable source of leading-edge combustion technologies for the Glass Industry.